KDI Journal of Economic Policy, June 1979

Vol.1, No.2 1979-06-30

Macro-economic Aspect of the Korean Public Enterprise Sector (Written in Korean)
사공일 (pp.2-12)
The Patterns of Poverty in Korea (Written in Korean)
서상목 (pp.13-30)
The Income Distribution Effect of Investment in Education (Written in Korean)
배무기 (pp.31-48)
Production Technology and Cost Function: An Econometric Study of three Selective Manufacturing Activities in Korea (Written in Korean)
이승윤 (pp.49-63)
Productivity, Labor Quality Indexes and Labor Structures in the Korean Industries (1962~1976) (Written in Korean)
연하청 (pp.64-80)
Benefit-Cost Analysis of Agricultural Investment Projects (Written in Korean)
문팔용 (pp.81-102)
Organizational Structure for Technological Innovation: An Empirical Study of the Electronics Industry (Written in Korean)
김인수 (pp.103-117)
Forecast of the Korean Economy for 1979 (Written in Korean)
문희화 (pp.118-127)
Energy Use and Environmental Protection (Written in Korean)
이회성 (pp.128-139)
Deflation of Korean Input-Output Data into 1968 Constant Prices (Written in Korean)
김광석 (pp.140-156)
An Optimal Allocation of Exportables between Export and Home Demand (Written in Korean)
이천표 (pp.157-178)