KDI Journal of Economic Policy, December 1989

Vol.11, No.4 1989-12-28

양도소득세의 공급동결효과와 개선방향
김명숙 (pp.3-22)
Unit Labor Costs and Prices (Written in Korean)
박우규 (pp.23-38)
Empirical Analysis of Scale and Scope Economies in the Securities Industry (Written in Korean)
이영기 ; 최범수 (pp.39-67)
The Influence of Macroeconomic Variables on Foreign Direct Investment (Written in Korean)
유정호 (pp.69-92)
Rate-of-Return Regulation and Managerial Expense-Preference Behavior (Written in Korean)
김주훈 (pp.93-108)
Effects of Social Insurance on Optimal Retirement Decision (Written in Korean)
유일호 (pp.109-125)