KDI Journal of Economic Policy, December 1992

Vol.14, No.4 1992-12-31

A Long Run Classical Model of Price Determination (Written in Korean)
박우규 ; 김세종 (pp.3-26)
Land Prices, Exchange Rates and Bubbles (Written in Korean)
박원암 (pp.27-49)
The Estimation of Under-reported Business Income Tax (Written in Korean)
노기성 (pp.51-62)
Interactions between Stock Price and Key Macroeconomic Variables (Written in Korean)
김준일 (pp.63-77)
The Determinants of Wage Premium (Written in Korean)
이종훈 (pp.79-106)
Motives for Moonlighting and Its Policy Implications (Written in Korean)
박진 (pp.107-121)