KDI Journal of Economic Policy, December 1980

Vol.2, No.4 1980-12-20

Industrial Organization in Korean Manufacturing (Written in Korean)
이규억 (pp.2-19)
The Role of Small and Medium Industries and the Production Functions of Korean Manufacturing (Written in Korean)
김재원 (pp.20-41)
Relative Incentive Rates on Export and Domestic Sales of Korean Industries (Written in Korean)
남종현 (pp.42-58)
A New Approach to the Transportaion System with Emphasis on Energy Conservation (Written in Korean)
임호규 (pp.59-77)
Public Assistance Programs : Current Status and Suggestions for Further Improvement (Written in Korean)
서상목 (pp.78-94)
Derterminant of Excess Fertility and Its Impact on the Economic Activity of Korean Women (Written in Korean)
구성열 ; 이숙민 (pp.95-111)
An Evaluation of Tax Policies Related to Automobile (Written in Korean)
김영봉 (pp.112-122)
Determinants of Geographical Distribution of Foreign Direct Investment (Written in Korean)
구본영 (pp.123-130)
Estimation of Labor Productivity Index in Korea (Written in Korean)
박훤구 (pp.131-145)
The Policy Direction of Social Welfare Service in Korea (Written in Korean)
김동현 (pp.146-161)
An Estimation and Analysis of Expenditure Inequality in Korean Household (Written in Korean)
최규섭 (pp.162-176)