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KDI Journal of Economic Policy. Vol. 41, No. 4, November 2019, pp. 45-66

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Discovery and Imitation of Export Products and the Role of Existing Exporters in Korean Manufacturing


Author & Article History

Manuscript received 09 July 2019; revision received 14 July 2019; accepted 14 October 2019.


This paper empirically examines what role of existing exporters play in the discovery of new export products and whether there are evidence of spillovers from export discovery. We find that existing exporters are more likely to discover new export products than non-exporters. We also find evidence of export discovery spillovers; export discovery of a product by some plants had an effect of increasing the probability of subsequent export market penetration of the same product by other plants. Export discovery spillovers are found to be stronger among geographically closely located plants. We argue that information spillovers is a part of the story: you learn from your neighboring discoverers about the profitability of potentially exportable products.


Export Discovery, Imitation, Export Spillovers

JEL Code

F14, F61, O12

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