KDI Journal of Economic Policy, May 2021

Vol.43, No.2 2021-05-31

Social Distancing, Labor Supply, and Income Distribution†
DUKSANG CHO (pp.1-22)
Who’s Hit Hardest? The Persistence of the Employment Shock by the COVID-19 Crisis†
JOSEPH HAN (pp.23-51)
Searching for the Cause of the Gender Gap in Employment Losses during the COVID-19 Crisis†
JIYEON KIM (pp.53-79)
Korea’s Inflation Expectations with regard to the Phillips Curve and Implications of the COVID-19 Crisis†
KYU-CHUL JUNG (pp.81-101)
The Impact of COVID-19 Regional Cash Subsidies on the Sales of Local Businesses in South Korea†
MEEROO KIM ; YOON HAE OH (pp.103-123)