KDI Journal of Economic Policy, June 1983

Vol.5, No.2 1983-06-30

The Effects of Labor Union on Relative Wages and Productivity in Korea (Written in Korean)
박세일 ; 장창원 (pp.2-29)
An Analysis of Economic Determinants of Migration (Written in Korean)
이계식 (pp.30-44)
Geographical Distribution of Health Manpower : Measurement and Analysis of Determinants (Written in Korean)
박재용 (pp.45-68)
Study on Administrative System of Health Insurance in Korea (Written in Korean)
민재성 (pp.69-91)
Administrative Feasibility Analysis for Development Projects: Concept and Approach (Written in Korean)
황인정 (pp.92-105)
A New Methodological Approach to Public Enterprise Performance Evaluation (Written in Korean)
송대희 (pp.106-123)
Optimal Allocation of Higher Education Among Student Groups (Written in Korean)
김명숙 (pp.124-140)