KDI Journal of Economic Policy, December 1983

Vol.5, No.4 1983-12-31

Accounting for Korea's Economic Growth (Written in Korean)
김광석 ; 박준경 ; 김성덕 (pp.2-21)
Occupational Wage Differentials in Korea (Written in Korean)
박훤구 (pp.22-48)
Double Taxation of Corporate Source Income : Theoratical and Empirical Analysis (Written in Korean)
최광 ; 하태형 (pp.49-82)
Development Strategy and Investment Incentives: A General Equilibrium Simulation Analysis (Written in Korean)
곽태원 (pp.83-107)
A Time-Series Study of the Demand for and Supply of Housing Services in the Housing Market of Korea (Written in Korean)
김중수 (pp.108-135)
An Analysis of the Short-Run Consumption Function in Korea (Written in Korean)
장오현 (pp.136-151)
An Approach to Improved Seasonal Adjustment: Prior Factor Adjustment (Written in Korean)
여운방 ; 윤흥열 (pp.152-176)
Pacific Cooperation Concept and Korea (Written in Korean)
양수길 (pp.177-202)